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Pour Over Coffee Maker




  • Built in, pour-over Stainless Steel Dripper – the high-density mesh filter is detachable, concealable and screws into the bottom of the cup while traveling.  Store your ground coffee powder inside the dripper compartment for on-the-go brewing!
  • Drip brew handcrafted coffee brings out rich and refreshing aromas from fresh ground coffee.  The dripper can easily rest on the multi-purpose lid.  Saves the hassle of using paper filters and is environmentally friendly.
  • Double Walled, Stainless Steel Insulation provides 6 hours of hot or cold Retention for this Thermal Travel Coffee Mug.  All parts can be easily disassembled for cleaning and are dishwasher-safe.
  • Stylish and Easy to Use.  Easy “grab-and-go” handle.  13.5 ounce (400ml) volume brews 2-3 servings at a time.  Anti-slip silicon base pad for safety.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: One-Year Full Warranty backed by Consumer Associates so you can click on “Add to Cart” with confidence!

Product Description

Drip-brew Handcrafted Coffee: Anytime, Anywhere!
Forget the dull and monotonous instant coffee! The compact Consumer Associates Thermal Travel Coffee Mug with its own built-in, pour-over, stainless steel dripper is the ideal tool-kit for any coffee lover! In addition to its double walled stainless steel insulating properties, this Thermal Travel Mug conceals a detachable coffee dripper at the bottom, a space-saving design that includes all the components you need to brew a cup of handcrafted coffee in just a good few minutes. The coffee’s rich and refreshing aroma is indeed heavenly, and alleviates the strain and tenseness of a hectic work day.

Made with a high-density stainless steel mesh, the dripper is designed to save the hassle of using paper filters. Not only is it environmentally friendlier, but also retains the distinctive oils and aromas that define a well-crafted cup of pour over coffee. The creamy, sediment-free texture of handcrafted coffee is indeed a delectable pleasure.

About Consumer Associates

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Customer Satisfaction is our #1 priority so all our products are backed with a ONE-Year Full Warranty so you can click on “Add to Cart” with confidence!