Product Quality Management

At Consumer Associates, product quality is the number one priority in our company. That’s why we perform detailed monitoring, supervision and inspection in every phase of our manufacturing process. On our production lines, one out of every 7 workers is product quality personnel, meticulously performing inspection and testing at the end of each manufacturing step.

Furthermore, our product quality philosophy is extended throughout the entire supply chain. We submit our raw materials and parts suppliers to extensive audits including social, safety and environmental. In addition, all raw materials and parts supplied to us undergo extensive lab testing for safety.



Manufacturing Phase Quality Control Action
Supplier Selection Extensive Factory Audit (EFA)
Social Audit (SA)
Environmental & Safety Audit (ESA)
Production Pre-production Inspection (PPI)
First Article Inspection (FAI)
Production Monitoring , Testing and Supervision (PM)
Final Testing (FT)
Shipment Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI)
Container Loading Supervision (CLS)